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Welcome, thank you for your interest in supporting Hydrocephalus Research.

Hydro Angels Over America is opperational completely by volunteers. The majority of our revenue is from private donations. As we move towards entering the research arena your continued support is crucial. We will feature all funded research on this page for full transparency. Please consider making a donation to go towards hydrocephalus research.


For Researchers 

Please contact us if you are seeking a research grant.


Hydro Angels Over America is here to assist researchers with grants based on the scientific quality of research plans; the relevance of proposed research to our mission; the applicant’s qualifications; and the quality of the research institution and facility where the research will be conducted. In the case of Junior (New) Investigators, the quality and support of the research mentor also will be considered.

Topics presently being considered for funding include:

a) Improving symptom management and the quality of life for Hydrocephalus patients of all ages

b) Understanding CSF function and the

c) Discovering new or improved treatments for hydrocephalus

d) Prevention and control of infection releated to shunt placement



  *Hydro Angels Over America does not fund 'overhead' on any research project. Our grants are to go towards the direct research of funded project. A written agreement is required for verification of distribution of funds issued.



NIH Research

Hydrocephalus research funding is far behind other conditions with similar prevalence numbers. Total NIH funding for hydrocephalus research in 2011 was only $6.4M; by comparison, NIH funded $151M in Parkinson’s Disease research. In 2016 and 2017, that number stayed steady at $6.8M and $6.5M, respectively. In the current funding environment, maintaining our current funding level is good.However, hydrocephalus research needs to become a research priority for more laboratories, clinics, and the NIH.

To view currently funded research projects related to Hydrocephalus and other associated brain conditions by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the world’s leading supporter of biomedical research on the brain and nervous system.

Thank you for your support. Research Matters!